Help Wanted at Trout Lake

This summer at Trout Lake Camps is shaping up to be unforgettable. Camper numbers have been growing significantly, and due to this blessing, Trout Lake is still looking for staff and volunteers to minister to all the campers in the Pine River, Minn. church camp.

Would you help out? Coordinators are looking for a variety of summer staff positions including:

  • Male and Female Counselors
  • Music Coordinator
  • Day Camps Coordinators
  • Night Watchman
  • Challenge Camp Specialists

All of these positions guarantee being a part of an amazing summer staff and also having opportunity to influence campers as they grow in their relationship with God. All of these positions are paid around $165 a week plus room and board.

In addition to this, Trout Lake is looking for more junior high and high school volunteer students to be a part of its Discipleship Team (MAT program). These students can come to camp and volunteer for a week or longer.

All interested applicants can call Trout Lake at 218.543.4565 or e-mail Shaun and Trista at

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